A Guide to Sweeteners

Posted by:Dr. Brian Mowll

There has been and continues to be a very large debate in our country about the amount of sugar we should be eating each day, and which is the healthiest.  While we know the dangers of regular table sugar, namely obesity, tooth decay, diabetes and heart disease, we don’t necessarily recognize all of the dangers of artificial sweeteners. We don’t…

Nutrition Bars: Healthy Treat Or Expensive Junk

Posted by:Dr. Brian Mowll

Are you someone who typically “burns the candle at both ends?” Would you say your health and physique are important to you? If you answered “yes” to both of these questions, chances are you’ve been known to toss a nutrition bar into your pocket or purse before running out the door. Nutrition bars are advertised as a convenient way to…

What’s The Deal With Caffeine?

Posted by:Dr. Brian Mowll

Coffee, in particular caffeine, can be a point of great controversy and contention in the health community.  Depending on the nutrition and health authority that you ask, you will get a different answer about the health effects of caffeine. Some feel that caffeinated drinks like coffee can be considered fine to consume in moderation for many people, while others think…

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