How to hack your hunger hormones

Posted by:Dr. Brian Mowll

Most people understand that obesity is a big contributor to the development of diabetes. But what you may not know is that losing a little bit of weight, even just 7-10%, can have a significant positive impact on your glucose control. But as anyone who’s ever tried to lose weight knows, it’s not always that easy. One of the biggest…

What Are Lectins And Why Should You Care?

Posted by:Dr. Brian Mowll

Here’s a pop quiz: What is eaten by almost everyone, yet understood by few in the health community? They are somewhat detrimental to many people’s health while being downright destructive to a few sensitive souls. If you said lectins you’re either brighter than the average lightbulb or, after reading the title, you put two and two together. Lectins… let’s talk…

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