How Many Grams Of Carbs Can I Eat Per Day?

Posted by:Dr. Brian Mowll

Hey, it’s Dr Brian, Mowll the diabetes coach, and I’m back today with another episode of on call with Dr. Mowll. Today’s question comes from Candy and she asks, how many carbs is okay for one day? Well, that’s a great question. Candy, a simple question it may seem, but actually much more complex than it seems on the surface….

Breaking the Sugar Addiction

Posted by:Dr. Brian Mowll

 The amount of sugar in the typical person’s diet over the past few decades has grown exponentially.  In fact, the average American consumes 140 pounds of processed sugar annually.  That adds up to 22 teaspoons per day for adults and 34 teaspoons per day for teenage boys!  Also, consider that the average American eats 133 pounds of processed white flour,…

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