How to hack your hunger hormones

Posted by:Dr. Brian Mowll

Most people understand that obesity is a big contributor to the development of diabetes. But what you may not know is that losing a little bit of weight, even just 7-10%, can have a significant positive impact on your glucose control. But as anyone who’s ever tried to lose weight knows, it’s not always that easy. One of the biggest…

Eat Your Water

Posted by:Dr. Brian Mowll

Our body is made up of about 80% water. Each day we lose a good amount of this water from urination, sweat, and exhalation, so it’s important that we replenish to keep our body running optimally. For instance, water is essential for keeping all of the delicate tissues in the mouth, eyes and nose moist. Water helps to lubricate our…

Using Technology To Monitor And Control Blood Sugar

Posted by:Dr. Brian Mowll

Due to recent advancements in technology related to testing blood sugar levels, there are now a range of glucose (blood sugar) monitoring devices and applications available on the market that make diabetes management a little easier and a tad more fun. Anyone with diabetes is familiar with using a glucose monitor.  This is important to provide information related to keeping…

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