A Guide to Sweeteners

Posted by:Dr. Brian Mowll

There has been and continues to be a very large debate in our country about the amount of sugar we should be eating each day, and which is the healthiest.  While we know the dangers of regular table sugar, namely obesity, tooth decay, diabetes and heart disease, we don’t necessarily recognize all of the dangers of artificial sweeteners. We don’t…

What Are Lectins And Why Should You Care?

Posted by:Dr. Brian Mowll

Here’s a pop quiz: What is eaten by almost everyone, yet understood by few in the health community? They are somewhat detrimental to many people’s health while being downright destructive to a few sensitive souls. If you said lectins you’re either brighter than the average lightbulb or, after reading the title, you put two and two together. Lectins… let’s talk…

Why The Hemoglobin A1c Test Is So Important

Posted by:Dr. Brian Mowll

The Hemoglobin A1c test sounds like something you would have had to take back in AP bio class, but it’s actually a fairly common blood test. Your doctor may even have suggested you have one done in the past. The A1c can be used to determine whether someone is diabetic or pre-diabetic based on the amount of sugar in the…

What Causes The Dawn Effect

Posted by:Dr. Brian Mowll

Probably the most common question I get from people on my Facebook pages, blogs, and programs, is about high morning blood sugar levels.  They want to know why they wake up with a blood glucose level that was higher than when they went to bed.  This is a logical question, and stems from much frustration.  In fact, I completely understand…

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