Sachin Patel

Episode 006
How Your Mindset Shapes Your Health

“What we have now is about what we’ve been doing. And if we want to change what we have, we need to change what we’re doing.” Those are the words of Sachin Patel, Dr. Mowll’s guest on today’s Mastering Blood Sugar podcast.

Sachin Patel is a guardian of truth and a warrior of light. His superpower is taking complex ideas and distilling them down to their essence with easy-to-understand analogies. Sachin uses this gift to help transform the lives of thousands of people around the world through his organization, The Living Proof Institute. Through this, he is actively doing whatever it takes to keep people out of the medical system and empower them through education, self-care, and remapping their mindset.

In this episode, Sachin discusses his unique perspective and approach to weight loss, how hormones control metabolism and fat burning, the most effective way to heal the digestive system, and how we can change our mindset to change our physiology. Sachin also explains how we amplify things in our life by the amount of energy we give to them, how to heal the body by doing nothing, and the keys to reshaping the future of health and diabetes care.

“First thing we’ve got to change is our mindset — and that changes our physiology.”

Key Takeaways:

[:57] All about Dr. Mowll’s guest today, Sachin Patel.

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[3:41] Welcoming Sachin to the podcast.

[4:47] What’s new at The Living Proof Institute.

[5:54] Sachin’s unique approach to weight loss and about their “weight loss program.”

[11:41] How an individual’s fat threshold can affect when they get Type 2 diabetes.

[15:01] All about the autonomic nervous system and why it can be incredibly beneficial to understand its function.

[18:06] Changing our mindset to change our physiology and how our worldview is shaped at a young age.

[22:23] Sachin explains the importance of “What we recognize and emphasize, amplifies”.

[30:38] Sachin shares his thoughts on his quote: “Why is it that patients are told ‘There is nothing you can do,’ for a disease that’s caused by something that they’re doing.”

[34:24] If Sachin had a friend or family member that was recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, what advice would he give them?

[35:45] If Sachin was sitting around with the leaders of the world to solve the diabetes epidemic, what would be his advice?

[38:21] Where to find out more information about Sachin’s programs and websites.


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“If you have excess weight and low energy you don’t have a weight problem; what you have is a metabolic problem or a mitochondria problem.” — Sachin Patel

“The biggest thing we can tell anybody when it comes to their health is understanding the states of their autonomic [nervous system].” — Sachin Patel

“If you are trying to heal or repair but your body is in a constant state of fight or flight, you are physiologically not going to be capable to heal and restore your body because you’re telling the cells to do functions that are required for survival instead of repair and regeneration.” — Sachin Patel

“First thing we’ve got to change is our mindset — and that changes our physiology.” 

— Sachin Patel

“The body is self-healing and self-repairing — what’s good for one part of the body by default will be good for the rest of the body.“— Sachin Patel

“It all starts in the mind. If we don’t change [the mind] than giving people supplements or changing their diet … is not going to help because they’re going to use the same nutrients to deal with life in a stressful fashion.” — Sachin Patel

“Healthcare isn’t a management of health; it’s management of the mind.” — Sachin Patel

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