Dr. Will Cole

Episode 005
How to Optimize the Ketogenic Diet for the Best Results

“Glucose may give your body a quick burst of energy but you’ll come crashing down hard and fast — leaving you constantly in search of your next fix.” Those are the words of Dr. Mowll’s guest on today’s Mastering Blood Sugar podcast, Dr. Will Cole.

Dr. William Cole graduated from Southern California University of Health Sciences in Los Angeles, California. He has his post-doctorate education in training in functional medicine and clinical nutrition through The Institute for Functional Medicine University. Dr. Cole has been featured numerous times on Pittsburgh news affiliates; he’s also a writer for international publications (such as Mindbodygreen) and lectures nationally.

In today’s interview, Dr. Cole discusses his upcoming book, Ketotarian, a plant-based approach to the ketogenic diet, safety concerns regarding fish consumption, and how to bring together the best of the vegetarian diet with the best of the ketogenic diet for the greatest results. Dr. Will Cole also covers how to determine your individual carb sweet spot to continue burning fat and optimising metabolic health, how to get adequate protein on a vegan or vegetarian diet, how to listen to your body to determine the best foods to eat for your health, and how to influence your microbiome for optimal metabolic health.

“A big part of what I wanted to convey in Ketotarian is that this is … not meant to punish your body with dieting … this is about finding out what makes your body feel great — and that’s freedom.”

Key Takeaways:

[:57] About Dr. Mowll’s guest today, Dr. Will Cole.

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[3:40] Welcoming Dr. Will Cole to the podcast.

[4:15] All about Will’s new book, Ketotarian.

[6:49] Will’s definition of a plant-based diet.

[8:50] Where does Will draw the line when it comes to consuming fish? How much fish is too much?

[12:48] How Will views fat and his thoughts on ultra-low fat diets.

[15:43] The three tracks to the ketogenic diet Will offers in his book and the benefits to personalizing.

[19:44] For someone wanting to pursue the vegan track of Will’s ketogenic diet, how would they get their protein? And how the vegan ketogenic diet can thrive for some people.

[26:27] Does Will think certain animal products are bad for us? Can overconsumption be inflammatory?

[29:15] Dr. Will Cole’s thoughts on how plant-based foods lead to a more metabolically healthy, enterotype person.

[31:55] The main message Will wanted to convey through Ketotarian.

[35:43] What is the one message, idea, or quote — professionally — that Dr. Will Cole would like to be remembered by as his legacy?

[36:38] If Will had a friend or family member that was recently diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, what advice would he give them?

[37:28] If Will was sitting around with the leaders of the world to solve the diabetes epidemic, what would be his advice?


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“That’s the double-edged sword of the power of Dr. Google — it’s this endless vortex of conflicting information — and Dr. Google is quite the fickle doctor.” — Dr. Will Cole

“I’m very much aware of — because I see patients all day long — that there is no one-size-fits-all. It’s really hard to encapsulate every nuance of the human biochemistry in a book, but I did the best that I could.” — Dr. Will Cole

“A big part of what I wanted to convey in Ketotarian is that this is … not meant to punish your body with dieting … this is about finding out what makes your body feel great — and that’s freedom.” — Dr. Will Cole

“Out of realizing your intrinsic worth will flow healthy action.” — Dr. Will Cole

“It is super rewarding to be a part of someone regaining their health.” — Dr. Will Cole

“You can’t heal a body you hate.” — Dr. Will Cole

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