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Episode 001
Reversing Type 2 Diabetes

Welcome to the Mastering Blood Sugar podcast! This is episode one, with Ron Rosedale. Your host is Dr. Brian Mowll, the diabetes coach. He is a certified and master-licensed diabetes educator and IFM certified functional medicine practitioner. Each week, Dr. Brian Mowll will bring you an inspiring health or lifestyle expert to help you learn to boost your metabolism, lose weight, and master your blood sugar with natural, drug-free strategies.

Today, Dr. Brian Mowll interviews one of his early mentors in natural diabetes care and reversal — Dr. Ron Rosedale. Dr. Rosedale is an internationally-known expert in nutritional and metabolic medicine, whose work with diabetics is truly groundbreaking. Very few physicians have had such consistent success in helping diabetics to eliminate or reduce their need for insulin and to reduce heart disease — both without drugs or surgery. Dr. Rosedale was the founder of the Rosedale Center and co-founder of the Colorado Center for Metabolic Medicine in Boulder, Colorado, and founder of the Carolina Center for Metabolic Medicine in Asheville, North Carolina. Through these centers, he has helped thousands suffering from so-called incurable diseases to regain their health. One of Dr. Rosedale’s life goals is to wipe out type 2 diabetes in this country as a model for the world. He’s also written a book called The Rosedale Diet that has proven treatment methods for diabetes, cardiovascular health, arthritis, osteoporosis, and other chronic diseases of aging.

In this interview today, Dr. Rosedale gives us a better understanding of the hormonal control of blood sugar and metabolism. He explains mTOR and how it relates to aging, cancer, and diabetes. He also teaches how to become better fat-burners and why he would rather have a patient with diabetes than a common cold, as well as his methods to reverse type 2 diabetes. He explains what the ACCORD trial taught us about aggressive diabetes treatment with medications. Dr. Rosedale also explains how we can optimize our genes for optimal health; why a ‘ketogenic’ diet is a terrible name for the low-carb, high-fat diet, and why we shouldn’t chase ketones; and his optimal diet for someone with diabetes or blood sugar problems.

“Your health and lifespan will be determined mostly by the proportion of fat vs. sugar you burn over a lifetime”

Key Takeaways:

[:58] Introduction to Dr. Mowll’s guest today, Dr. Rosedale.
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[5:15] One of Dr. Rosedale’s first diabetic patients and debunking the high carb diet. You don’t need carbohydrates in your diet as they’re not essential nutrients; they just turn to sugar in your body. You need protein but you need to find the balance as too much protein turns to sugar also.
[7:42] The demonization of ‘fat’ and why we need healthy fats in our diets — not carbs. Dr. Rosedale busts the myth that fat causes insulin resistance and explains why we need fat in our diets — not sugar.
[15:14] How to optimize a high-fat diet and reverse the chronic diseases of aging — including type 2 diabetes.
[18:45] Dr. Rosedale’s thoughts on the results from the accord study (where aggressive drug treatment was used to treat type 2 diabetes — revealing negative results to the point where the study was cut short.)
[24:50] What drives the mTOR pathway that increases the rate of aging?
[31:10] How our lifestyle and the things we eat greatly affect our lifespan, and how you can avoid getting diabetes even if you have a genetic predisposition to it.
[34:10] What is the ideal diet for someone with diabetes? Dr. Rosedale’s perspective on a high-fat diet (that he highly recommends) and the ketogenic diet; the newest, popular diet.
[39:38] About the damage that high amounts of insulin can cause.
[42:20] High protein in the diet is the most influential stimulator of mTOR. Dr. Rosedale’s thoughts on how much protein people should have in their diet — and how much is too much? And why ‘ketogenic’ is a bad name for the now-trendy, high-fat diet.
[47:05] If Dr. Rosedale could be remembered for one idea or message, professionally, what would he want that to be?
[47:57] If Dr. Rosedale had a good friend who was just diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and he had 2 minutes to give them advice, what would it be?
[50:10] Dr. Rosedale’s warning for those who want to pursue a high fat, low carb diet.
[55:44] If Dr. Rosedale was sitting around with the leaders of the world to solve the diabetes epidemic, what would be his advice?
[59:34] Where to find Dr. Rosedale online!


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“The worst diet a person can eat is one that is high in both carbohydrates and fat. The reason for that is the carbohydrates … will turn to sugar, and that sugar will raise insulin, and that insulin will raise leptin. And if you raise insulin and leptin you’re not going to burn fat.” — Dr. Ron Rosedale

“Your health and lifespan will be determined mostly by the proportion of fat vs. sugar you burn over a lifetime. … If you burn fat you’re going to be far healthier than if you’re primarily burning sugar.” — Dr. Ron Rosedale

“[MTOR] is the most important metabolic pathway. The other hormones like insulin and leptin feed into mTOR — and then mTOR is what actually makes all the genetic decisions as to what that cell should do.” — Dr. Ron Rosedale

“If you really want the benefits of a high-fat diet … you have to push your carbohydrates … you don’t have to eat any. … At the very least, [eat less] than 50 grams per day.” 
— Dr. Ron Rosedale

“You can have a genetic predisposition [to diabetes] … but all that means is, if you do follow an improper lifestyle, you will get it.” — Dr. Ron Rosedale

“From the very first patient I saw with diabetes … I recommended virtually the same diet as I’m recommending today — and I still feel that it’s the very best diet a person can eat.” — Dr. Ron Rosedale

“Your health and lifespan will be determined by the proportion of fat vs sugar you burn.” — Dr. Ron Rosedale

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